Service: Web design.

Welcome to the BARBERSHOP MOTOR in Krakow. This is a men's club, where there is no pathos, it is appreciated devotion and true friendship. We respect the world of motorcycles and help to buy and deliver a motorcycle from America. Come to us. You can have a haircut, shave, drink coffee and talk.

Goal: Develop a corporate website with a unique thematic design for the Polish barbershop.
Site type: Corporate website.
About site design

The updated visual identity helped create a new wonderful modern notion of the brand, showing more of its qualities and allowing it to live better in a digital environment. A variety of different elements helps the audience better understand what the brand means and refers to it.


Immersive experience

This website was designed as a brand window to the world to demonstrate their incredible quality of work.

  • Stunning imagery and slick transitions
  • Clear commercial calls to action
  • Interwoven with brand stories
  • Powerful marketing tools


Easy to respond

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, the website was designed for desktops and mobile devices at the same time to provide user experience no matter what device it is viewed on.




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